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Snow Pond Farm History

Snow Pond Farm of Windham, NH is owned by Bob and Pam Lundquist and their daughter Wendy.

People always want to know how we got interested in Alpacas.  The New England Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, (NEAOBA), says it the best with their bumper sticker:  “Just one touch…Fall in love with Alpacas”!  For us, this was exactly how it happened.  


We found a flyer advertising an Alpaca Farm while we were on vacation and decided our young grandchildren would probably love seeing new/different animals.  The children fell in love, but so did we! 

We recruited our daughter, Wendy to help with this new venture.  She has always loved animals so it didn’t take too much talking to get her totally involved.  

We already owned a farmhouse in Maine with 13 acres. We planned to retire there, so we knew where we would eventually move our farm, but until then we decided to keep them on our current property in Windham, NH.


Fortunately, when we purchased our home in 1985 it came with 3 ½ acres of land, but we needed to make room for the alpacas. 


In August of 2007 the lumber company came and took down lots of our trees (we still have quite a few left to enjoy and provide shade).  Then we had to have the stumps removed, the land leveled and lots of dirt a.k.a. loam hauled in.  


We also had to have a barn built. We found a great blessing in Tony Page who could build the barn we needed quickly, make it look like we envisioned, and at a price we could almost afford! 


Tony has become a friend and someone we can call on to help with any building project we may need.  


We purchased our Suri Alpacas from Matt Arnold of Bouldermont Farm in September of 2007.  He was able to keep the Alpacas at his farm until our farm was ready. 


Finally the boys were ready to move in on Halloween weekend 2008. The girls moved in on Thanksgiving weekend.  All our four legged friends were here and so far so good!


This is the beginning of our story and as far as we have gotten.  We plan on this being a wonderful time in our lives and are truly enjoying Alpaca Ownership.  They are beautiful animals and we love them!

Our Farm Family

Bob Lundquist

Bob, known as “Farmer Bob” in our local newspaper, has always had a love for animals.


Bob is an industrial electrician by trade and is able to do a variety of carpentry work, plumbing, and just about anything else we need around the farm.


Bob gets up early and checks the Alpacas everyday before leaving for work.


When he returns home, it’s back to the barn to empty the “poop” cart and make his rounds visiting with all of them and telling them about his day.


He is the one who purchases all the supplies and makes sure their feed is properly mixed. When there is a problem you call Bob.

Pam Lundquist
Pam Lundquist

Pam's field is child care, which she began in 1979. She currently runs a busy, relatively small child care center on the farm property.


Pam's role in the farm business is the gift display and helping with the open houses. She's also in charge of all the paper work – someone has to do it!


She enjoy's sewing, and lots of other crafts. She's urrently taking a knitting class. "The Alpaca yarn is the softest yarn out there and I would love to be able to make something and say I did that," says Pam. She would also like to learn the art of spinning yarn. 


For now the child care business keeps her busy most of the time, but she do enjoy shopping for new items for the gift display!

Wendy Lundquist

Wendy has always loved animals. She was the child who always wanted to bring everything home because they were just soooo cute! The chickens were her Science Fair project when she was in fifth grade. (We still hold that teacher personally responsible for all of this.)


Wendy is the one who does all the research to find out whatever we need to know. She will decide if we need to call the vet or another Alpaca owner for help and/or information. She is the one to go to if you have questions.


Wendy’s “real life job” is as a teacher for K-5 in the Nashua Public School System. She has been a teacher since 1999. Wendy went back to school in 2000 to earn her Masters Degree. She loves children and enjoys watching them learn. 

Diane Blanchette

Diane (also known as Mama ‘Chette to the day care children) has been our friend and co-worker for over 20 years. Pam told her when she came to work with her  at the child care center that it was not a job, it was a life sentence – as long as the child care was open, she would be expected to work there.


Little did she know all those years ago that there would come a day that Alpacas would be written into her job description (she wants to know “what job description”).


She has always been there for our family helping with family events that required food and fellowship so it only seemed natural that she would be involved in our business.


She also enjoys crafts of many types and enjoys shopping – what more do you need to run a small Alpaca gift display?

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