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Welcome to Snow Pond Farm!  We would love to have you come and visit with us.  Be prepared to fall in love with our beautiful, award winning Suri Alpacas.  Our goal is to breed the best of the best to attain beautiful color and optimal fiber.  We plan to have crias born in the spring and the fall, staying away from the heat of the summer and cold of the winter to give our crias the best possible beginning.


People always want to know how we got interested in Alpacas.  The New England Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, (NEAOBA), says it the best with their bumper sticker:  Just one touch…Fall in love with Alpacas”!  For us this was exactly how it happened.  We found a flyer advertising an Alpaca Farm while we were on vacation.  We decided that free was good and our young grandchildren would probably love seeing new/different animals.  And that was the beginning!  The children fell in love, but so did the Grandparents.  We decided that this would be an interesting adventure to start now and then to keep us young when we retire.  We also recruited our daughter, Wendy to help with this new venture.  She is an Early Childhood Educator with a Masters Degree and has always loved animals.  It didn’t take too much talking to get her totally involved.  We already owned a farmhouse in Maine with 13 acres, so we knew where we would eventually move our farm, but what to do with them until then?   Fortunately, when we purchased our home in 1985 it came with 3 ½ acres of land.  August, 2007 the lumber company came and took down lots of our trees (we still have quite a few left to enjoy and provide shade).  Then we had to have the stumps removed, the land leveled and lots of dirt a.k.a. loam hauled in.  We also had to have a barn built, this is where Mr. Tony Page entered in, what a blessing he was to us!  He could build this barn we wanted, he could build it soon, it would look like we wanted it to, and we could almost afford it!  Tony has become a friend and someone we can call on to help with any building project we may need.  So now the land is cleared, there is dirt and grass, a lovely new barn, a great fence and lots of hay, but where are the animals?  We purchased our Suri Alpacas from Mr. Matt Arnold of Bouldermont Farm in September of 2007.  He was able to keep the Alpacas at his farm until our farm was ready.  Finally the boys were ready to move in on Halloween weekend 2008; we thought we would try the boys out first since two of the girls had just had babies.  Then the girls moved in on Thanksgiving weekend.  All our four legged friends were here and so far so good!


This is the beginning of our story and as far as we have gotten.  We plan on this being a wonderful time in our lives and are truly enjoying Alpaca Ownership.  They are beautiful animals and we love them!

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